Important Dates

  • Proposal Deadline of Organized Sessions
    August 8 August 18, 2014
  • Full Paper Due
    August 30 September 5, 2014
  • Paper Update Due
    September 12, 2014
    update is possible until 1 week after submission!!
  • Notification of acceptance
    October 15, 2014
    Notified soon. Sorry for the delay.
  • Final paper submission
    November 1, 2014

Topic of Interest

  • The topics of this symposium include, but not limited to the following areas
  • 1. System Integration
    Control technology, Robotics technology, Network system control, Plant engineering, System hardware, System software, Integration platform, ...
  • 2. Artifacts
    Mechatronics systems, Automation systems, Virtual reality systems, Entertainment systems, Micro-nano systems, ...
  • 3. Human and Society
    Welfare systems, Environment / Ecological systems, Bio systems, Rescue systems, Security systems, Enterprise resource planning systems, Supply chain management systems, Intelligent transportation systems, Logistics systems, Human, Aging society, Health engineering, ...
  • 4. Assistive Technologies
    Large-scale system simulation, Software systems, Networking systems, Decision making systems, ...

What's New

25th Oct. 2014
The early registration due has been extended to midnight of Nov. 1 (Japan Standard Time [JST]). The final paper submission due is also on Nov. 1.
21th Oct. 2014
Started sending acceptance notifications to authors. Please be patient for a while since the notification is sent in sequence. The notification will be sent to every authors regardless of acceptance or rejection.
21th Oct. 2014
Registration site has been opened. Please be careful with the date of early registration due !!
16th Oct. 2014
Acceptance notifications will be sent to authors in a few days. Sorry for the delay.
15th Oct. 2014
Final paper submission, registration, plenary speakers and venue page was updated. Final paper submission and registration will be available soon.
5th Sep. 2014
Update is possible until September 12 for the papers submitted before the submission deadline. There are no limitation in update count.
29th Aug. 2014
The paper submission deadline has been extended to September 5.
14th Aug. 2014
10th Aug. 2014
Updated informations of organized session proposal and paper submission.
31th Jul. 2014
Updated plenary speakers and registration fee informations.
24th Jul. 2014
Updated comitee information and manuscript format templates.
22th Jul. 2014
Now accepting organized session proposals (due on August 8).
21th Jan. 2014
Site Open

Overview of SI International 2014

The 20th century was the age of evolution of science and technology concerning artifacts. Fundamentals of mass production had been established by specialized technologies and surely had contributed our social life. In the 21st century, our societies expect methodologies for solving problems of complex systems consisting of society, human and technologies, which cannot be completed by single sectionalized technology. Under these circumstances, the system integration (SI) to look down the whole technologies is becoming a critical issue of engineering. 2014 IEEE/SICE International Symposium on System Integration (SI International 2014, SII2014) will be held as the seventh symposium on system integration. System integration is one of the key technologies and the integration of hardware and software is especially important to solve the industrial or social system problems in new century. This symposium focuses to the new research and industrial application of system integration, and discusses the approach method to improve effectiveness of system integration.
All presented papers at the conference will be included in IEEE Xplore.
Call for paper(pdf)


Related Event

SI2014, a domestic SICE Conference on System Integration, will be held on December 14-17 in Tokyo, Japan.

Support Organizations

    Sponsored by
  • IEEE Robotics and Automation Society
  • IEEE Industrial Electronics Society
  • SICE System Integration Division
    Hosted by
  • Chuo University

Contacts : SII 2014 Secretariat

E-mail: sii2014[at]
(Please replace [at] with @ in the above e-mail address.)